Jamie Iwata

Singer Songwriter

About Me

When Jamie Iwata was two years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Instead of letting this disability control his life, he found the strength within himself and let music lead him on a journey. Music became Jamie’s most passionate strength when it was his first form of communication. When he was happy, he would sing his favorite song at the time.

As Jamie continued to grow, singing was becoming a big source of happiness in his life. Once he discovered rock bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and AC DC, it didn’t take long before he decided to fully commit to living a life as a musician. Jamie began voice and guitar lessons at the Portland School of Rock at the age of 12. During Jamie’s five years at School of Rock, the program allowed him to learn and experience the life of a musician as he built a second home on stage.

As a School of Rock All Star, Jamie got to tour with the best musicians from this program around the country. He got to perform on big stages like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Lollapalooza. Some might be overwhelmed by playing stages that big, but Jamie went into it with excitement and confidence.

Jamie continued his musical journey at the University of Colorado Denver and graduated with a Music degree from their Singer-Songwriter program. He is currently studying at Pacific University to earn a second bachelor’s degree and certification to be a music therapist.

Music gave Jamie the ability to speak and he feels he owes it to music to give something back to it. Thank you for joining him on his journey!